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Cubbies (3, 4 and 5 years of age) Preschool

The Awana club for preschoolers is built on the premise: Young children can and should receive spiritual training.

Awana is fun with purpose – to reach & train kids for Jesus Christ. Games, puppets, awards and other activities transform our AWANA program into a lively weekly experience where fun & learning go hand in hand.Your Content Goes Here

Cubbie Bear, take preschoolers on a thrilling journey through God’s Word. Caring, committed volunteer leaders nurture your children spiritually as Christian role models and teachers.

Bible-centered handbooks and club activities help your children begin to build a solid understanding of the basics of Christianity at an early age.

Cubbies is unique because it supports parents as the primary source of spiritual nurturing. By working directly with your child on the weekly handbook lessons, parents become active participants in their child’s spiritual development. Your children will reap immediate benefits from their involvement in this exciting program. After only two years, your child will learn:

  • Approximately 55 Bible memory verses
  • Key basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, salvation and the Bible
  • The gospel message and their need to trust Christ as Lord and Savior

Assisting Your Clubber

Parents need to:

Cubbies is a two-year-long weekly program for preschoolers who are within two years of entering Kindergarten.  (All Cubbies must be potty-trained.)  Our purpose is to help your child take his/her first steps on a lifelong journey.  The Bible instructs parents to teach their children God’s Word – and even though these children are very young, they are very capable of understanding the basic truths of the Bible.  In Cubbies, your child will learn about Jesus and they will celebrate His love.  The teaching begins at home!  Each week, parents help their Cubbies complete the scheduled Bear Hug.  Each part of the Bear Hug reinforces the same Bible truth.  At Club, everything we do is centered on the same truth you have already worked on at home – the stories, games and crafts will reinforce the teaching your child has received from you.  Each family will receive a Parent Welcome Booklet for their Cubbie. This booklet introduces parents to the vision of Awana and the various Awana programs for kids and teens (ages 2 to 18).  All Cubbies start with an entrance booklet called the Apples Acres Entrance Booklet.  Once completed, your child will be given either the AppleSeed Handbook or the HoneyComb Handbook and a uniform vest and handbook bag.  The two Cubbies handbooks are the AppleSeed Handbook and the HoneyComb Handbook.  They rotate from year to year and all Cubbies work out of the same handbook.  For 2017-2018, we will be working from the HoneyComb Handbook, using the King James / KJV Bible translation.  The Handbooks contain memory verses and activities divided into weekly Bear Hugs that teach basic Bible truths about God. Cubbies complete each week’s Bear Hug at home as background for the teaching at Club the next week.  There is a place for parents to sign in the Handbooks to indicate the child is ready for Club.  During Club, the Cubbies will repeat the memory verses to a Leader. One Bear Hug will be completed each week and all children work on the same Bear Hug at the same time.  If your child misses a week of Club, make sure to check the calendar for the current week’s Bear Hug.  After completing the current Bear Hug, work on making up any missed Bear Hugs.  Leaders will listen to and sign these off.  Completing every Bear Hug in the Handbook is a requirement to earn the Cubbie Book Award at the end of the year.  On “Special Days”, there are Special Day Bear Hugs in the back of the Handbooks.  These will be completed according to the Club Calendar.  Each Bear Hug also contains an Under the Apple Tree supplemental section.  These Under the Apple Tree activities are optional and are not required for book completion.  They may be done after the current Bear Hug and any missed Bear Hugs are completed.  The Under the Apple Tree activities are to be signed by a parent after completed and your child will receive an Apple Sticker for his/her book.

NOTE:  It is VERY important that your Cubbie brings his/her Handbook and wears his/her uniform to every Club night!!!

Requirements for Memory Work:

  • Cubbies are allowed two helps per Bear Hug.
  • Bear Hugs must be recited in one session.  If there are two verses in the Bear Hug, both must be recited at one session and in the order they appear.
  • Each verse will have a long and short version to allow them to learn at a level that matches their ability. In the handbook, parents are to note which version they worked on with their child.
  • Four and five year olds must recite the verse AND reference.  Three year olds are encouraged, but not required, to recite the reference.
  • Cubbies will recite the verses they have learned at home to the Cubbies Leader on Club night.  Make up Bear Hugs and/or optional verses can only be recited for credit during Club nights.  Exceptions to this will be only at the discretion of the Commander or Cubbies Director.

Cubbie Bear Buddy Rules:  Leaders will be repeating these Cubbie Bear Buddy Rules very often throughout the year and especially during the first several weeks of Club.  Please help us, and your Cubbie, by going over these rules at home also.

  • Listen and don’t talk when a Leader is talking.
  • Raise your hand when you want to say something or ask a question.
  • Sit “crisscross-applesauce” and fold your hands in your lap during Story Time and prayer.
  • Always keep your hands and feet to yourself – no hitting, kicking, wrestling, biting, etc!
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