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Puggles (older 2s, part of the Nursery Program, no registration fees required)
Cubbies (ages 3 and 4, Pre-K)
Sparks (K-2nd)
T&T Ultimate Adventure (3rd & 4th)
T&T Ultimate Challenge (5th – 6th)
Trek (7th-8th)
Journey (9th-12th)

Each child will need to pay for a registration fee (which includes their handbook and uniform) and weekly dues.

Yes, if your child is starting a new club (listed above).
Yes, if your child is staying in the same club, but finished their book from last year.
No, if your child is staying in the same club and did not finish the book they were working on last year. If your child finishes their current book during this Awana year, a Mid-Year Payment Form will be sent home with your child and the payment for the new book will be requested at that time.
Yes, if your child is staying in the same club, did not finish their book, but cannot find it now.
Note: If your child is new to Awana, they need to start in Book 1 of their group regardless of their grade.

Yes, if your child is new to Awana or if they are starting a new group Each group has their own uniform Cubbies have a blue vest, Sparks has a red vest, T&T Adventure has a green jersey and T&T Challenge has a blue jersey Since children may remain in one club for multiple years, please take into consideration the child’s current size and anticipated growth when selecting the size of uniform NOTE: Awana uniforms run small, so please order one size larger than your child’s normal size.

Handbooks and uniforms usually come within one week of when we place the order. They will not be handed to the clubber until they have completed the entrance booklet for their group as required by AWANA If your child is starting their second or third year of their group, then their book will be given to them as soon as the order comes in.

The CD and handbook bag items would be useful to your clubber, but you are not obligated to purchase them. The CD puts your child’s memory verses to music and the bag is useful to carry all their club supplies.

Please complete the attached forms and give them with your payment to the Awana Registration Team.

Please make your check payable to Castleberry Road Baptist Church and write Awana in the memo line. Paying by cash or setting up payment arrangements are also an option (see page 5).

There is a limited amount of scholarship funding available. Please only request one if you require assistance for your child to participate. This will help to cover their awards and prizes that they earn throughout the year and other expenses that we incur to sponsor the Awana program. Please see page 5 to request a scholarship.

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