What To Expect

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Awana Club Night:

What to bring & things to know Parents will drop off and pick up their children in the Sanctuary Only.

What to bring

Awana Club is held on Wednesday nights from 7-8:15pm. What to bring:

  • Bible
  • Handbook
  • Bag or backpack
  • Uniform

Clubbers are strongly encouraged to bring friends.

Check-in starts at 6:50pm

First-time attendees who have not registered must stop by the Secretary’s table to fill out the appropriate paperwork. After completing the paperwork, parents will take their clubber(s) to the appropriate classroom.

Club starts promptly at 7pm

All clubbers will assemble in the Sanctuary for Opening Ceremony. The opening ceremony will include: group prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Awana Pledge, Christian Hymns & Spiritual Songs

Club ends promptly at 8:15

Parents/guardians will pick up their clubbers in the Sanctuary. Clubbers will only be dismissed to adults named on the Registration Form. If an adult not listed on the Registration Form is going to pick up your child, please provide the Commander or the Secretary a written note. Parents, please remember to put your own name on the list for pick-up. Clubbers will not be dismissed to older siblings. Parents are asked to please respect Leaders’ time by ensuring clubbers are picked up on time

Top Three Ways to Have Fun on AWANA NIGHT

  • Play hard (and study hard and work hard)
  • Listen to the Leaders
  • Have Fun! (requires rules 1 and 2 to be followed)

Discipline Policy:

To maintain an environment that encourages learning, the “Five Count System” will be used in large groups. If discipline is needed for an individual clubber, the “Three Count System” will be used.

  • Five Count System
    The five-count system will be used to quiet an entire group of clubbers. By the time the leader counts to five, all clubbers and leaders are expected to be quiet, still and looking at the leader who is talking.
  • Three Count System
    If a clubber is behaving in an uncooperative manner, three warnings will be given. Upon receiving the third warning, the clubber will be removed from the group environment and placed with an adult leader for the remainder of the evening. The Commander or an appointed leader will inform the parent(s) of the clubber’s behavior and will expect the behavior to be addressed and corrected prior to the next club night.

Clubber Safety and Security: The safety and security of your child is of the utmost importance to us. For that reason, each adult volunteer has completed both an internal screening process and an external background check.

Positive Christian Character & Behavior

  • Respectful language is expected before, during and after Club.
  • Care and respect should be shown for church property.
  • Pushing, shoving and roughhousing are NOT allowed.
  • Running is allowed only on the Game Circle during game time; running is NOT allowed in the hallways.
  • No gum, candy or toys should be brought.
  • Game Time is an important part of the club night — but it is a privilege. In the case of extreme disorderliness, it may be revoked for a night at the discretion of the Commander.
  • Awards are presented only to clubbers wearing their uniforms.

Dress Code: We expect parents to use good judgment in dressing their children for Awana. Clubbers should wear comfortable clothing and we recommend athletic shoes in order to participate in the typical night’s activities. Inappropriate shoes would include: sandals, flip-flops, boots or Heelies. Some activities may be difficult to participate in wearing skirts. It is recommended that long pants be worn to avoid rug burns on the carpeted game floor area. Lastly, we do expect a level of modesty in clothing choices and we know as a parent you will support this standard.

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